Cities around America are looking at yawning budget deficits due to the sudden economic slowdown arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Politico, a news source covering the federal government, has this piece suggesting many California cities are looking to tax cannabis commerce to close the gap.

The deadline to place measures on the November

Last week, The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved moving forward with study of a “vacancy tax” it might add to the November 2020 ballot. The Los Angeles vacancy tax would likely be modeled after Oakland’s Measure W — which voters approved in 2018 by a 70%–30% margin, meeting Proposition 218’s two-thirds threshold for special

AB 2570 (Stone, D-Sta. Cruz) would amend the False Claims Act (FCA) to allow private litigants to enforce fraudulent underpayment of State personal and corporate income taxes and, of interest to local government, sales and use taxes and transactions and use taxes (i.e., local-option sales taxes), too. The FCA allows a private litigant to identify