CH&W is launching this blog to allow us to engage California’s local government community in a more timely and interactive way. We will not stop publishing our quarterly newsletter (you can subscribe to that here: for either U.S. Mail or email deliveryWe will also continue to send periodic electronic “bulletin” editions of the newsletter which we send out only by emailed pdf to those who have subscribed to the newsletter in that format. Blog posts will be shorter and, we hope more timely.

We intend to cover legal and policy developments of interest to California local government lawyers, elected officials, and management staff. We will draw from the activities of the courts and Legislature, leading local governments and the general news media. We welcome suggestions for new content, to answer questions, and to develop new ideas together. Let us know what you think. You can email us at

We hope you find it helpful as you navigate the fast-changing world in which we are called to provide leadership.